Hi, I'm Alicia. Writer, advocate, and Jesus lover.

I live in a little town on a gorgeous island in the PNW and I wouldn't have it any other way. Even on the rainy days. 

My husband is a pastor and he’s 100% extroverted. I'm 100% not. He's ton's of fun. I'm fun when I feel like it. He completes me.

Together, we homeschool our three kiddos. Bear (9), Harbor (6), and Mercy (4). 

I believe you are CAPABLE of healing. I believe that the blood of Jesus covers all sin and darkness. And I believe there is MUCH wholeness to be found in the daily fight against mental illness.

In this space you'll find we are unapologetically FOR children. (It's ok to cheer right here!) Foster kids, abused kids, used and trafficked kids, native kids, unborn kids. And that includes the childhood wounds you carry. Sexual, spiritual, physical, emotional, and psychological abuse...we talk about it all in this space. 

And sometimes we talk about politics, government mandates, and freedom of religion. It might not always be easy, but I can promise you I'll seek the face of Jesus through it all.

Let's get real together!